Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's Been Too Long ... Fresh Start, New Beginnings and Weight Watchers

Posted by Kody at Skinny Sized at Saturday, March 18, 2017

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I have been on here. I started my first real career job in August of 2015 and have since let everything else go to hell. I was doing well with losing weight then I gave up on myself. Giving up on myself doesn’t seem like the correct way to put it because I didn’t do it consciously it just happened. I let life get in the way of my goals.

Finally I am in a financially comfortable spot and I am getting my shit together. Now it’s time to get my weight under control too. I joined Weight Watchers again two weeks ago and lost over 8 pounds. I am pretty proud of that. This past week I had the flu and just walked away. Sorry but when you feel like shit the last thing you want to do is count points. 

Monday I am back to it so I thought this would be a great time to revive this blog too. I have missed being able to express myself even if no one is listening. Sometimes it feels good just to vent. So here I am Kody at Skinny Sized working up the nerve to shed this coat and move forward.

I had a lot of excuses in the past like getting through college, money issues, and trying to find a job. Now I have none of those issues to bitch about. It’s all me and all real so here it goes.

To be honest with you I love Weight Watchers. It allows you to eat what you want but you have to think and weight your pros and cons at the same time. I started out with 45 points but I am already down a few points which is cool because that’s progress. I love that I can have fruit and veggies and not be punished for it. This new Smart Points plan allows you to eat healthier and you are reward for it too.

I am looking forward to this journey again. I need to lose weight because I want to feel good again. I am certainly not getting any younger that’s for sure. Here is to a fresh start and new beginnings. 


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