Saturday, July 4, 2015

Week #4 Update! Down a total of 20.8 Pounds

Posted by Kody at Skinny Sized at Saturday, July 04, 2015

I ended up weighing in early this week. I knew we had a lot of weekend plans that could mean not being able to make the best choices. I am OK with that because I know that no matter what weight I am at there will always be holidays and I know that it’s OK to splurge on occasion.

I am pleased with my weigh in this week. I saw an exact 2 pound weight loss! Considering that this past week didn’t exactly go as planned I am happy with the results.
The job hunt is still at a standstill. I am so frustrated by this whole process. I swear I was more qualified to work before I had a degree. I am either over qualified or under qualified it seems in just about every position. No one even wants to give me a chance. To say that is depressing is an understatement!

Post workout sweat!

I have been trying to let it go and know that when it’s meant to be it will be. In the mean time I have been trying to do some new workouts like step aerobics, running (for as long as I can) and stair master. Wow talk about feeling uncomfortable in places I have never felt discomfort before. It’s actually a good thing and I am pleased with everything I am feeling. In all honesty I love feeling the soreness because to me that means I am making a difference!

Starting Weight: 310
Current Weight: 289.2

Total Loss: 20.8 pounds down!


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