Friday, July 10, 2015

The Nightmare Continues...

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I would like to start this off by telling you that this has been a great week but sadly that would be a lie. The fact of the matter is that the last three weeks have been hell. I am still trying to find a job which is always a nightmare but so is my husband so that nightmare is now shear panic.

I have been so sick the last three weeks with a sinus infection that in all honesty I feel like shit all the time so much so that I am always having someone ask me if I am OK. Nope, not OK at all. Finally yesterday I called the doctor to see if he would send me an antibiotic. He was so kind to do so without seeing me. Praise God! I am hoping that this will kick off me feeling better. I am just tired of it and everything else to be honest with you.

I feel like I have reached my breaking point. I am just on edge all the time, worried all the time, now add the sinus infection on top of that… losing weight and worrying about my weight have not been my priority.  It should be but it hasn’t…

This week my husband had a ton of interviews so I would go with him and hang out in the car. I know that sounds weird but we really are a team and it’s just what we have done for each other for the last 10 years. It’s our thing. One day I waited in the car for 4 hours. Seriously? Who does a 4 hour interview… it didn’t even pan out in the end…

I hope I can get it together this coming week. The last three weeks have been epic failures and I have no one to blame but myself. My husband said he wants to go balls out next week with food and working out. We will see if he holds true to that…

I hope you are all doing well and have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weighting on Life Wednesday: Boys and Dating..,

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There are so many things in life I realize I have either missed out on or continue to miss out on because of my weight. One of those things was dating.

I never really dated in high school. There was some boys that would show me attention but it was normally negative attention. Even if I did get boys who were interested in me it was normally because they thought I was easy and desperate.

I suppose they were really the desperate ones if they had to look to the fat chick in homes of getting a little something from her. When all of my friends were going out on dates or having crushes on boys I was the one who sat in silence for fear of being asked about boys myself.

I didn’t want to put any boy in the weird position of knowing that I had a crush on him. I wouldn’t even let my mind think that way for fear nothing would come of it other than ridicule.

I remember having a crush on a football player. He was one of the nobodies in school. Even though he was in the team he wasn’t good and he wasn’t popular. I remember going to a pep rally and him making a point of sitting next to me. I know he knew I had a crush on him and in all honesty I think he felt the same way. We both knew it would never go anyplace but it was fun while it lasted. He would graduate a year before me and I would never see him again. It’s funny how things change and people change.

It is sad how we miss out on so much in life because of our weight. It’s really sad. I know that God puts us where we need to be when we need to be there, but it doesn’t change the fact that we sabotage so much of our lives with our weight. If we could only go back and start over. How do you think your life would be different?

Thinking about all that you are missing out on or have missed out on certainly gives you pause to think and just might give you a reason to make better decisions… 

Monday, July 6, 2015

How My Perspective Changed! The My Fitness Pal Truth!

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OK so before anyone starts jumping on me let me say that I always knew that the Myfitnesspal exercise calorie count would not be correct when it came to how many calories you were burning while you were exercising. I knew this…

What I didn’t know was just how far the count would be off. I always suspected it would be off. That just made sense to me, but after getting my Polar FT4 fitness watch I got a rude awakening as to just how far off Myfitnesspal was!

I WAS an avid rider of the exercise bike until I started using the Polar FT4! I thought (that’s what I get for thinking) that I was burning around 689 calories for a vigorous 30 minute bike ride! Boy is that number way off! It’s not even close to what I am actually burning. According to my Polar FT4 for a 30 minute vigorous bike ride I am actually only burning 223 calories.

Talk about heart breaking! I mean serious! 30 minutes going 20 miles an hour on an exercise bike is only about equal to eating two 100 calorie snack packs? Give me a break! That is a lot of work for so few calories!

For toning obviously it’s a great ride but it’s not a great ride when we are talking about burning calories. I was heartbroken. I mean really heartbroken. Like I said I knew Myfitnesspal would be off but I didn’t realize that far off. Now I think about all the times that I would eat some of those calories back and now it makes even more sense as to why some weeks I thought I should be losing but wasn’t.

It has also make me have a lot of resentment. So much resentment that getting on the bike (mentally) has almost been impossible. Don’t get me wrong I have other things I can use. I have a treadmill, stairmaster, bands, weights, stepper for aerobics and all that jazz, but the bike has made me angry. I am really angry at the bike lol. I resent wasted hours expecting results that I wasn’t getting! I get exercise is exercise and it’s awesome that you are getting it but I want what I was expecting. Now I am expecting very little on the bike and that’s what I am getting… very little

Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame Myfitnesspal I think they have an awesome sight. I blame myself for believing something when I had no proof!

The moral of this story is getting a heartrate monitor so that you can actually see the results and see what you are really doing is a key ingredient to your weight loss success. I would hate to think anyone else would fall into the trap I did.

It’s worth the investment and it’s something you can use for a great deal of time!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Week #4 Update! Down a total of 20.8 Pounds

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I ended up weighing in early this week. I knew we had a lot of weekend plans that could mean not being able to make the best choices. I am OK with that because I know that no matter what weight I am at there will always be holidays and I know that it’s OK to splurge on occasion.

I am pleased with my weigh in this week. I saw an exact 2 pound weight loss! Considering that this past week didn’t exactly go as planned I am happy with the results.
The job hunt is still at a standstill. I am so frustrated by this whole process. I swear I was more qualified to work before I had a degree. I am either over qualified or under qualified it seems in just about every position. No one even wants to give me a chance. To say that is depressing is an understatement!

Post workout sweat!

I have been trying to let it go and know that when it’s meant to be it will be. In the mean time I have been trying to do some new workouts like step aerobics, running (for as long as I can) and stair master. Wow talk about feeling uncomfortable in places I have never felt discomfort before. It’s actually a good thing and I am pleased with everything I am feeling. In all honesty I love feeling the soreness because to me that means I am making a difference!

Starting Weight: 310
Current Weight: 289.2

Total Loss: 20.8 pounds down!

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