Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Are Department Stores Embarrassed by Plus Sized Clothing?

Posted by Kody at Skinny Sized at Thursday, May 28, 2015

Have you ever noticed that plus sized clothing is always shoved in the back of every department store? Looking for the plus size department is like an archeology dig. By the time you actually find the plus size department you have either lost 20 pounds or you are extinct like the dinosaurs.

It’s the craziest thing I have ever seen. When I see that a department store has buried the plus size department on the 3rd floor in the back near the bathrooms and the dish towels I feel like they are saying… “You are so fat that you should be ashamed to be in the front.” “You know you are embarrassed to be your size and we are embarrassed for you so we are hiding you in the back.” “We don’t want others to see the embarrassment on your face so we are hiding you away.” I don’t get it…  I know I am not what they want to showcase but why carry the clothing I wear if they are embarrassed to have me in their stores?

Don’t get me wrong I am not proud to be shopping in the plus size department but I will tell you that my money is the same color as the person who wears a size 2 and it spends the same. I get that these department stores want the perfectly pretty out in front but the last time I check the majority of the United States is overweight …not the other way around.

Let’s get real here… Plus size clothing’s costs a hell of a lot more money than smaller sizes so the department stores are making a nice extra hunk of change on us. You can see the same outfit in misses that happens to be in plus size but you are going to pay a lot more for it. I understand that larger sizes means more cloth which means more money. I get that! But I also don’t believe that these manufactures are using so much more material that the price should be double. If you are going to charge more money for plus sizes then shouldn’t I at least be able to find the plus size department without needing to bring in Inspector Gadget to hunt the department down?

Many fashion designers are starting to figure out that there is a market for nice plus size clothing. Can you imagine that it has taken them this long to figure it out? I have read where some designers have gone as far as to say that they won’t make plus size clothing because they don’t want FAT people wearing their clothing’s because it doesn’t fit their “image!” No problem… Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren like my money… clearly they are not picky and they make awesome plus size clothing!

The catch phrase of the moment is “fat shaming” well in my opinion placing the plus size department in the last place in the department store you would ever look is a form of fat shaming. I suppose until we change our size we should expect to be an embarrassment to department stores. We should expect to be put in the back for not being like everyone else. We should expect to be segregated from the rest of the population…. Hummmm sound familiar?


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