Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Holy Weekend!!

Posted by Kody at Skinny Sized at Saturday, April 04, 2015

Happy Holy Weekend!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Good Friday and you are ready to celebrate the Easter weekend. I spent the entire Friday writing a paper on binge eating, or maybe I should say I wrote a paper about the story of my life! Ha! Just kidding... well kind of...

This weekend my family is getting together for Easter Sunday. I have mixed feelings about it only because it seems to be a pig fest. Everyone eats like a mad person then can't move hours later. Plus Sunday is my last day of eating without thinking.

Monday life starts again. Honestly I am ready. I didn't think I would be but I am. I see a friend of mine who has really kicked up her workouts doing so well and I want to do well too. The sad part is I know her well enough to know it’s only temporary. You see she is that person that gets in 100% and goes so overboard from word go that within a few weeks she fails. Don't think I am saying this to be mean because I am not. I want her to succeed each time she tries, but when I see her so into the moment I know she is setting herself up for failure. I think she burns herself out because she tries so hard. I have never seen her make it more than a few months and that makes me sad. Don't get me wrong I am not much better I have made it all of 7 months before I failed. 

I no longer participate with her because when she quits I want to also and I can’t do that anymore. Even if I get derailed I have to start over the next day. I am looking forward to it all again. As weird as it sounds I am tired of being me and I am ready to be something new again.

So I am finishing up a menu for next week and coming up with a schedule for myself. Next week is going to be awesome. I will weigh in on Monday and give you guys all the details. It’s not going to be pretty but day 1 never is…
Happy Easter


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