Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 6 of Weight Watchers Weigh In

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Yes my toes need to be done again!
Hi everyone!!

This morning was my 6 week on Weight Watchers weigh in! I got a nice surprise because I lost almost 2 pounds brining me up to over 27 pounds!! Hoorah!!

I am beyond excited to see 27. I am so close to making the lowest weight loss I have ever had while doing this! I went down from 302.6 to 279. Technically I am already lower in weight loss than that because I started with a higher weight this time…. We don’t want to talk about that though ;-(

275 will be the biggest weight loss for me in for every!! I was 275 when I got married almost 8 years ago so I am closing in on that number 249 is the weight I met my husband so that’s closing in too!!

I am excited and proud of myself. I really love what’s going on and I love that I am doing this and I am doing it for me. How awesome is that? Something for ME!

When I hit 279 a few years ago I only did it by a hairs breath and it only held for a week because at that point I gave up. I didn’t want it bad enough and I left life derail me.

I feel more determined than ever. How is it that I am done with 6 weeks of Weight Watchers and then 8 weeks (less 1 week in there for vacation) that I was losing prior to Weight Watchers and I am still going strong mentally? It’s EASY I want it this time! I am not letting life get me off track. If I have a bad moment I move forward, if I have a bad day, I move forward. I am determined to get moving forward to find happiness within myself!

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