Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Multi-Vitamins... Triggering Hunger?

Posted by Kody at Skinny Sized at Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I believe my multi-vitamin is causing me to be hungry all the time! I am talking ravenous hungry! I wanted to believe it was all in my head but I don’t think that’s the case…

I did an experiment to see if this could be possible. For a few days I took the multi-vitamin and I was starving all night I mean starving to the point of crazy! Then I went without taking the multivitamin for a few days and had no hungry issues. I was actually good and satisfied except when it would be a normal meal time.

I think I am going to start taking my vitamins before bed to see if that will make a difference and make me feel better. I don’t like that out of control feeling and to be honest with you it’s not worth taking the vitamin if that’s going to happen. 

Crazy hungry person and Weight Watchers do not mix! I am already a natural born beinge eater I don’t need something else to add to my plate so to speak!

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