Monday, October 28, 2013

Being Fat Has Ruined Everything.

Posted by Kody at Skinny Sized at Monday, October 28, 2013

It’s funny I am sitting here looking at the blog I created to inspire me to lose weight but instead of inspiration all I see is regret and failure. What’s even sadder is that I closed my blog down to prevent other people from seeing it because I didn’t want them to see my utter failure. 

How can I inspire you to lose weight when I can't
inspire myself to lose weight?

As soon as I fail I walk away. I have never considered myself to be a quitter or a failure but here I am staring it in the face. This blog was created to show the real face of obesity.

To tell you I have a severe problem is an understatement. I eat when I am lonely, depressed, stressed, disappointed, bored, or for any other reason I can think of. 
Wanting to lose weight and really wanting it are two different thing...

If you are someone who wants to lose weight you will agree, think it’s a great idea, and encourage others while all along never doing anything to help yourself. Someone who really wants to lose weight, I mean really, is the one that starts the week with a menu plan, calories counted out, grocery shopping done, excuses gone, and motivation that will blow the person who wants to lose weight off the road.

Really wanting to lose weight means not having excuses….

I am a bucket of excuses. Hummm which one will I pull out today is always the REAL question?  I hate being fat, and even more so I hate that I have allowed my life to get away from me. I hate that I have allowed being fat for so many years dictate what happens to me.
  • I can’t swim because I am fat
  • I hate to meet new people because I am fat
  • I don’t feel comfortable being on a plane, squashing other people, because I am fat.
  • I like to buy new clothes because I don’t fit into anything because I am fat.
  • I can’t get pregnant because I am fat
  • I had a miscarriage because I am fat
  • I feel like I am a loser because I am fat
  • I hide in the shadows because I am fat
  • Being fat has been allowed to control my entire life.
  • Being fat has ruined everything
I have ruined everything because I have allowed myself to get into this condition. No excuses! I blame no one, or nothing! It wasn't because I had a bad childhood, or whatever excuse others want to have! I am fat because of ME!

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